About me

Hi everyone and welcome to my website. My name is Henry Stolton. For all my life I have been wanting to start my own blog to express my feelings regarding my passion for martial arts and online betting. Whenever I feel the urge to write an article I am so glad to have the possibility to go to my blog and write whatever I feel like. I really love the internet for giving me this opportunity. There are so many different topics I feel I can add value to, since some of the things I genuinely love, have only just started to become a little bit more popular among the general public.

For instance MMA, mixed martial arts, has not been popular for a very long time. This is an industry that is flourishing more and more. I guess there are more people like me that love the idea of having all martial arts mixed together to get a good idea which of these sports is the most effective in a full contact ring. Its amazing to identify all the different techniques available to these great gladiators.

You could even conclude that MMA is a form of sport that has been popular since the Romans started their gladiator fights, only gladly for us, we have set the boundaries, so that our gladiators have a much smaller chance of getting killed during their battles. Altough I think we still have a lot to learn when it comes to our society being so violent. If you compare it to the Romans, I think we are more civilised. Its entertainment, and bones do break occasionaly, but at least we don’t see any heads rolling at the end of a fight. Enjoy yourselves, I will try my best to update my blog as often as time allows me.