Roller Bearings

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Roller bearings are any cylindrical or spherical object that aids in the movement of an object greater in size than the bearing itself. A roller bearing is a weight distribution-oriented bearing. This means it utilizes many points of contact between a circular housing that contains internal rolling elements, such as ball bearings, that sit within a collar.Roller bearings — also known as rolling-element bearings — are similar to ball bearings in that they are designed to carry a load while minimizing friction. However, roller bearings transmit loads using cylinder rolling elements, rather than balls, to maintain the separation between moving parts of the bearing.


Roller bearings generally support higher loads than ball bearings but run at lower speeds. Ball Bearings Ball bearings operate with less friction than other bearings, so they can run at higher speeds.Roller bearings extend the working life of wheels, pulleys, fans, pumps, compressors, and other rotating parts by reducing friction and enabling parts to move smoothly. They have a wide, flat bearing to provide stability in high-speed applications with high radial loads.




Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
RIT BEARING 32207 Roller Bearings 8865590099511 M06110 Bearings PEER BEARING CO.
RIT BEARING AXSF 3080 2RS Roller Bearings Cast Iron 31171511 Ball Bearing 7.5 Inch | 190.5Mill
BOSTON GEAR 18924 WASHER Roller Bearings 0.0 Flange Block Bearing 4.6 Inch | 117 Milli Double Row | Single
BOSTON GEAR SAO16 WASHER Roller Bearings 0 M06110 0.0 N/A
BOSTON GEAR 338010 CUP Roller Bearings SKF SKF B04270 Bearings
BOSTON GEAR M88048 CONE Roller Bearings ABEC 1 | ISO P0 Single Row Ball Bear Polyamide Metric
BOSTON GEAR 52637B Roller Bearings Mounted Units & 1.026 M06110 AMI BEARINGS
BOSTON GEAR 52400 Roller Bearings 1 (Single) Metric Ball Bearing ABEC 1 | ISO P0
BOSTON GEAR 25520 CUP Roller Bearings 0 Inch | 0 Millimete Yes Teflon Labyrinth Flanged
BOSTON GEAR LM67048 CONE Roller Bearings 4047643042000 N/A B00234 Bearings
BOSTON GEAR LM67010 CUP Roller Bearings 0.0 SKF B00234 SKF