Sleeve Bearings

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Sleeve Bearings - Cast Bronze Standards Steel Backed PTFE Lined P/M Bronze Standards Rolled Bronze P/M Bronze Metrics Discounted Seconds Cast Bronze Standard Metrics ecommerce, bushings, bearings, bronze bushings, brass bearings, sleeve bearing, plastic bushing, manufacturer, bar stock, CNC machining, graphite parts.Sleeve bearing performance is also marked by a higher load capacity, specifically shock load resistance as a result of their greater contact zone. Assembly is simplified and longevity increased in sleeve bearings due to a straightforward press fit that eliminates bearing or housing damage. Sleeve bearings with a conformal liner also compensate .



ISOSTATIC AA-1011-4 Sleeve Bearings

17.25mm Standard
30206-timken 62mm

ISOSTATIC SS-1826-12 Sleeve Bearings

160mm 90mm
Open Type 6218-c3-fag

ISOSTATIC SS-1824-20 Sleeve Bearings

Steel 140mm
0.02 KGS 72.8

ISOSTATIC SS-1826-8 Sleeve Bearings

In Stock Standard
21mm 9500

ISOSTATIC AA-1011-5 Sleeve Bearings

In Stock 7.5 Inch
1.563 Inch Standard

ISOSTATIC AA-1011-12 Sleeve Bearings

27000 16002zz-timken
19000 0.03 KGS

ISOSTATIC SS-1824-8 Sleeve Bearings

9000 rpm Seal & Snap-Ring
19.00 mm 33200 N

ISOSTATIC SS-1824-12 Sleeve Bearings

120mm 0.02 KGS
In Stock 23238-b-mb-c3-qbl

ISOSTATIC AA-946-1 Sleeve Bearings

1160 N 7.1 mm
6.400 mm 19.1000 mm

ISOSTATIC SS-1822-24 Sleeve Bearings

45 In Stock
Plastic 90mm

ISOSTATIC SS-1628-24 Sleeve Bearings

1000 rpm 255000 N
2000 rpm 315000 N

ISOSTATIC AA-946-2 Sleeve Bearings

330 M 42x3
50 mm 217 mm